Ambassador Program

Want to be a part of our fast-growing team of brand ambassadors? Want to gain access to sweet discounts and have an exclusive promo code tied to your name (who doesn’t?) If you can walk the walk drop us a line. We are always looking for exciting new talent to join our tight knit group and spread the #investinyourfitness motto to the fitness community. Some things you may want to include are:

- Name (what your mother yells when she’s mad)
- Where are you from?
- Hobbies (yes, this would be a good time to tell us what you are into)
- Why you would make a good brand ambassador for Invest?
- Social Media accounts if applicable (let’s face it, this part is huge)
- Anything else you think we should know about you


 We look forward to learning more about you and building a partnership together!

Contact us

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